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Talking OutLOUD
Teens & Suicide Loss: A Conversation

Nearly a million teenagers lose someone to suicide every year. Until now, there's been nothing for them in the voices of their peers. And while significant attention has been paid to the critical issue of teen suicide, the experience of teens left behind after a suicide is rarely discussed. Talking OutLOUD: Teens & Suicide Loss, A Conversation has changed that.

Official Poster for Talking OutLOUD

This landmark film features five members of Coping After Suicide's Teens Group. Here's what one of them had to say:


"I think this film will help a lot of people. I know if I had been able to watch something like this — to see how my experience related to other kids my age and see them openly talking about it — it would have really helped me to feel less alone."

Talking OutLOUD was created in collaboration with Rethink The Conversation and helmed by award-winning director Geoffrey Cantor (a one-time social worker and classically trained actor best known as Ellison in Marvel’s Daredevil, with over 100 TV, film, and theater credits). It was privately screened at the Tribeca Screening Room in New York City in 2023 on International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day, and is available free of charge in 60, 30, and 15-minute versions  on YouTube  and Vimeo.

What people are saying about Talking OutLOUD:


“A film that everyone should see”


“Inspirational, moving, heartwarming”


“I am thankful that this exists in the world”


“This film opened my eyes to an issue I'd never thought about before”


“Powerful, candid, beautiful, sad but also well done”

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