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For the Media

As an international authority on the aftermath of suicide with 20+ years of professional experience—and the longtime survivor of my own brother’s suicide—I offer perspective and information through an expert voice, to complement what might be elicited from family members, friends, and/or first responders.  I also provide guidance on best practices for safely reporting on or writing about suicide. 


I can address:


  • How/why suicide occurs, including in individuals who were “the last one you’d expect”

  • The relationship between suicide and the COVID-19 pandemic, quarantine, and isolation (or unemployment, bullying, divorce, or other serious life stressors)

  • The natural fears and questions following the suicide of a young person, including the possibility of contagion

  • What to expect in the aftermath of suicide (what’s “normal” and when to worry)

  • The impact of suicide in a workplace

  • The impact of suicide in a faith community

  • The impact of suicide in a school community 

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