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Virtual Summer Grief "Camp" for kids 6-12

Coping After Suicide’s Virtual Summer Grief “Camp” is for kids ages 6-12 who’ve lost a parent, sibling, or other loved one to suicide. It’s not a therapy group – it’s a professionally facilitated, activity-based peer support group that meets on Zoom. 


“Camp” will be facilitated by Joan Hoff, former longtime program director for the Dougy National Center for Grieving Children and Families, who’s been facilitating grief support groups for kids for 30 years. Joan will lead the kids in activities and discussions to help them:


  • explore their thoughts and feelings around the suicide of their person 

  • learn ways to manage their grief reactions

  • connect with other kids who are going through a similar experience


Kids can participate independently (we just ask that a trusted adult be nearby

in case of technical or emotional challenges). 


There are two sessions, and each session consists of four 60-minute Zoom meetings.

The two sessions will cover different topics, so kids can register for either or both:


June Session: Your Grief Journey

June 27, 28, 29, and 30 from 2-3 pm Eastern

What we’ll talk about:

  • What does your journey look like? Your grief road map.

  • What are you carrying on your journey? What’s in your backpack.

  • Where have you traveled in your journey? Walking in your shoes.

  • Where will the journey take you? Time machine.

July Session: Your Emotional Ride

July 25, 26, 27, and 28 from 2-3 pm Eastern

What we’ll talk about:

  • What are you feeling? The roller coaster ride.

  • What do you feel on the inside, what do you show the world? The inside/outside grief mask.

  • What do emotions look like and how do they feel? Emotion charades and remembering.

  • Ways to handle the feelings. Gizmo read along and self-care plan.

What They'll Need:

  • Paper: 10 sheets of any kind of paper for drawing

  • Pencils: 1-2

  • Crayons or markers: red, blue, green, and yellow (plus more if they want)

  • A hat: any kind (baseball cap, cowboy hat, beanie, wizard hat, thinking cap – it doesn’t have to be special or new)


Things to Keep in Mind 

  • The group is meant for support, it’s not a therapy group

  • What we say in the group stays in the group

  • You can always pass - share what you want or stay quiet

  • Be kind and considerate of others

  • Share the time - listen when others talk and make sure everyone has a turn 

  • Keep your video camera on

  • Sit in a quiet space, stay put in one place, and keep distractions limited

  • Please be sure an adult is nearby in case of technical or emotional challenges

Questions? Email Joan

The registration fee is $150 per child/per session

Spaces will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis

Information about our groups for adults and teens can be found here.

Joan Hoff

Joan Hoff, Facilitator

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